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This is how repatriation works

Repatriation is usually not something that you need (to arrange) more than once in a lifetime, if any time. This process requires expert guidance and thorough planning. EMS does this worldwide, both over the road and through the air, ensuring your loved one receives the most appropriate care during repatriation. These are the four steps in this process.

How it works

Urgent or non-urgent

Wherever you are, you can trust us to get you back home safely

It’s unfortunate that you are in a position where you - or someone close to you - may need medically assisted transport. We understand that you have many questions. For these, we refer you to our frequently asked questions page on our website or to any of our contact options. We will always and gladly do our best to help you as best we can.

If you have any questions about the process of repatriation, take note of the steps below. We have the process mapped out for you, from the first contact until the aftercare.


The four stages of repatriation

1) First contact

When a family member or friend is in need of transport from a foreign country for proper medical care, you can quickly and easily request a quote from us. We have several ways to transport a patient in a medically responsible manner, and so we will always contact you to discuss the situation.

2) Preparation and quotation

Usually, you receive the non-obligational quote within 30 minutes. This is a quote with a fixed price for the repatriation, there are no post-calculations or surprises.

3) Repatriation

If you accept the offer and when the invoice has been paid, we get straight to work. We will contact the departing hospital or institution to request the relevant medical data. It is important to know that our team of doctors determines whether the patient is fit enough for transport. This is because we are responsible for the patient during the medical transport. Ofcourse there is always coordination with the current treating physician. If we are confident the patient is fit for travel, we will start bringing the patient home.

4) Aftercare

When we arrive at the destination hospital we handle all the paperwork, and won’t leave until we are assured there has been a successful handover and the patient is settled in their new hospital environment. We will be in contact afterwards to find out how things are and to make sure the patient is doing well following the repatriation.

We are there for you 24/7

We offer round-the-clock support and keep you continuously informed about the repatriation, so you always know where your loved one is and how they are doing.

Do you need urgent repatriation? Or do you want to know what the options are? We are ready for you. Contact us today to start the repatriation process.

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