How do I book a medical repatriation?

If someone you know has suffered an injury or illness abroad and you need to bring them home, we can get your case moving within minutes. We’re available 24/7, wherever you are in the world. We can mobilise a team to reach your patient within hours.

But what does it actually look like to “order a repatriation”? This is how it works here at EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation.

Hoe boek ik een medische repatriering

Get an estimate (in just a few clicks)

Although you can call us 24 hours a day, you might want to start the process by getting a rough outline for the cost of your repatriation. This may help you to focus your options for the transport. You can do this on our website in four quick steps. Just head to the Free Quote page and tap in your patient’s details, where they are at the moment, and where they need to go. Hit submit and, within the hour, you’ll receive an estimate by email.

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Start location

Talk to an expert

Once we’ve sent your estimate, one of our repatriation specialists will call you to follow up. You can ask them anything you like – they organise hundreds of medical transports every year, so there’s no issue or question they won’t have encountered before! And they’ll ask you some quick questions too, such as: what’s happened to your patient? Are they in hospital right now, and what care are they receiving? How urgently do they need to get back home? If you can’t get to the phone, no problem. You can also chat to us by WhatsApp, iMessage or email - - or even arrange a video call if you prefer.

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Choose the type of transport

If you’re new to medical repatriation (that’s most people, by the way!), you may not know there are three key ways to get your patient home:

  1. Air Ambulance: a private jet with onboard paramedics and equipment
  2. Road Ambulance: a vehicle designed for long-distance medical journeys
  3. Medical Escort: a repatriation on a regular flight, accompanied by an EMS medic

The transport mode you choose depends on your own specific needs – for instance, how urgent your case is (some emergency patients will only be allowed to fly on a high-care air ambulance), your budget (a medical escort is cheaper than an air ambulance), the care and equipment your patient may need, and so on. But don’t worry – your specialist will help you decide which transport is right for you.

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Get your full quote

If you’re keen to press ahead, great – we can start your case immediately. The final step is to get a full quote for your transport. When you’re happy with everything, just accept it and make your payment (you can do this 24/7, in multi currencies, through our online bank Revolut). This acts as our green light to launch the transport. Your medical crew – who are already mobilising, in the background – will be on the road or in the air within moments. We’ll tell you when they’re underway, and send you regular updates and progress reports throughout the transport.

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What else is included in an EMS transport?

An EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation quote is an all-inclusive cost that enables us to provide your patient with world-class care and treatment from bed to bed. The service includes:

  • Organising the route and all connections
  • Covering the entire journey (a full “bed-to-bed” transport)
  • Liaising with your patient’s doctors (home and abroad)
  • Securing a bed in your destination hospital
  • Helping you with visas and fit-to-fly certificates
  • Providing a Doctor-on-Call during the whole transport
  • Bringing one (or sometimes more) passengers with us
  • Supplying drinks, meals and stopovers as needed
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