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Frequently asked questions

We understand that situations like these are uncommon, and it's natural to have questions.
Our FAQ page is organized into six categories, covering our four primary transport options—Air Ambulance, Road Ambulance, Private Jet, and Medical Escort. Additionally, you'll find sections for general inquiries and questions related to payments. Please explore the relevant category to find the information you need. If you can't find an answer to your query, feel free to contact us.

Road Ambulance

What is repatriation by Road Ambulance?

Repatriation by Road Ambulance refers to the process of transporting a patient over long distances using specially equipped ambulances designed for extended journeys. This method is considered one of the safest, most convenient, and comfortable ways for patients to travel. When air transportation is not feasible and you want a method that is practical for shorter distances EMS can help you with repatriation by Road Ambulance.

Can Road Ambulances accommodate patients with critical conditions?

Yes, our Road Ambulances are designed to transport patients with various medical conditions, including those requiring critical care. They ensure a safe and comfortable transfer to the designated medical facility.

What kind of medical care is available in the Road Ambulances?

Our Road Ambulances are equipped with ICU facilities and modern medical equipment, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care during land transfers. The vehicles are staffed with trained medical professionals to attend to the patient's needs.

How are Road Ambulance services coordinated with air or Medical Escort services?

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service includes seamless coordination between Road Ambulance services and other modes of transport, ensuring a smooth transition from the patient's current location to the departure point for Air Ambulance or Medical Escort transport.

What measures are in place to ensure patient comfort during Road Ambulance transport?

Patient comfort is a priority in our Road Ambulances. We utilize specialized equipment and protocols to ensure patients are positioned comfortably, minimizing discomfort during transit, especially over long distances.

How are medical emergencies managed during ground transportation?

Our Road Ambulance teams consist of highly trained medical professionals capable of handling medical emergencies during transit. They are equipped to provide immediate medical care and stabilize the patient while enroute to the designated medical facility.

Air Ambulance

What types of aircraft do you offer for Air Ambulance services?

We provide a range of aircraft, including specially equipped jets designed for medical transport. Each aircraft is tailored to accommodate various medical needs and distances, ensuring safe and efficient travel.

What is repatriation by Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulance repatriation involves the use of specially equipped aircraft with medical facilities and personnel to transport individuals, often patients with critical medical conditions, from one country to another.It is commonly employed when traditional commercial flights are medically unsuitable due to the patient's condition, and swift transportation is essential.

Are Air Ambulances equipped with specialized medical equipment?

Our own Air Ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including ICU facilities, ventilators, cardiac monitors, and other essential devices required to address diverse medical needs during transport.

Can you transport patients internationally by Air Ambulance?

Yes, our Air Ambulance services cater to international repatriation needs, ensuring safe and efficient transportation across borders, whether it's within continents or over long distances.

Are there medical professionals on board the Air Ambulance?

Yes, our Air Ambulances are staffed with highly skilled medical professionals specialized in critical care. They ensure continuous medical support throughout the journey, maintaining the highest standards of care for the patient.

How quickly can an Air Ambulance be dispatched in an emergency?

Our global network allows us to swiftly dispatch an Air Ambulance within a short timeframe. We prioritize emergency cases, ensuring immediate response and assistance.

What measures are in place to ensure patient safety during air transport?

We prioritize patient safety by adhering to stringent safety protocols, employing highly trained medical staff, and using advanced medical equipment. Our focus remains on providing a safe and controlled environment throughout the transport process.

Is the patient allowed to take luggage on the flight?

One piece of hand luggage can always be carried on international repatriations. Whether the patient can take more luggage depends on the size of the aircraft. Please contact us to discuss the options, we are happy to help.

Is the patient allowed to take a wheelchair on the flight?

Small, foldable wheelchairs are normally no problem but they have to be registered beforehand. Larger electronic or battery-powered wheelchairs can, in most cases, only be transported on board large ambulance planes, due to their size.

Private Jet

What is repatriation by Private Jet?

Repatriation via Private Jet involves using a privately chartered aircraft for the purpose of bringing individuals back to the right place. Private jets offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and amenities. This mode is often chosen for its convenience, comfort, peacefulness, luxury, and the ability to accommodate specific travel requirements.

Are there limitations on destinations reachable by Private Jet?

With our extensive network and access to various airports globally, our private jet services can facilitate transport to almost any destination worldwide, ensuring comprehensive coverage for medical repatriation or transfers.

Can you customize the Private Jet according to the patient's needs?

Absolutely. Our Private Jet services are tailored to accommodate the patient's medical requirements, preferences, and the number of accompanying passengers. We ensure a comfortable and safe journey while meeting specific medical needs.

What level of medical care is available on a Private Jet?

Our Private Jet services offer a high level of medical care, with a dedicated medical team on board equipped with specialized equipment tailored to the patient's needs. The team ensures continuous medical support throughout the journey.

What are the advantages of choosing a Private Jet for medical transport?

Private Jets offer the advantage of personalized, luxurious travel coupled with top-notch medical care. Patients can travel in comfort, surrounded by a dedicated medical team and necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless journey.

Is it possible to transport multiple patients or family members on a Private Jet?

Our Private Jet services can accommodate multiple passengers, including the patient and accompanying family members or medical staff. We ensure adequate space and comfort for all individuals during the journey.

Here you can find how many people you can take with you per Private Jet.

How far in advance do I need to arrange a Private Jet medical transport?

While we prioritize swift arrangements, it's advisable to contact us at the earliest convenience to facilitate seamless planning and ensure all necessary accommodations are met for the patient's transport.

Medical Escort

What is repatriation by Medical Escort?

Medical Escort repatriation involves a medical professional accompanying an individual during their travel, ensuring their well-being and addressing any medical needs that may arise. This approach can be employed on commercial flights when the person's medical condition allows for non-emergency travel but still requires medical supervision.

What are the advantages of choosing a Medical Escort for travel?

Medical Escort services provide the opportunity for patients to travel on commercial flights with the assurance of specialized medical care throughout the journey. It offers a cost-effective option while maintaining high-quality medical support.

What medical services are provided during a Medical Escort on a commercial flight?

Our Medical Escort services on commercial flights offer comprehensive medical care, including continuous monitoring, necessary medical interventions, and support tailored to the patient's needs throughout the journey.

Are there restrictions on the type of patients who can use Medical Escort services?

Our Medical Escort services cater to various medical conditions, ensuring patients with diverse needs can access this mode of transport. Our medical team assesses each case individually to provide appropriate care during the flight. With each case we will check if Medical Escort is the right option for the patient.

How is the patient prepared for a Medical Escort on a commercial flight?

Our medical professionals conduct thorough medical examinations and preparations before the flight to ensure the patient's stability during transport. They coordinate with the airline and ground personnel to facilitate a smooth and safe journey.

Can a Medical Escort accompany the patient on both domestic and international flights?

Yes, our Medical Escort services are available for both domestic and international flights. Our team ensures seamless coordination and support for patients requiring medical transport across borders.

How is medical equipment managed during a Medical Escort on a commercial flight?

Our medical team ensures that all necessary medical equipment and supplies are properly managed and approved for airline travel. They coordinate with the airline to ensure compliance with regulations while maintaining essential medical support for the patient.


What is repatriation?

Repatriation is the process of returning someone to their home country. Repatriation can take in various forms, each tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individual or situation. At EMS we provide repatriation by Road Ambulance, Air Ambulance, Private Jet or a Medical Escort.

In which countries do you operate?

We operate worldwide and can collect patients from anywhere in the world at any time.

What distinguishes EMS from other similar services?

Our distinction lies in our commitment to personalized and comprehensive care tailored to individual patient needs. We combine advanced medical expertise with a compassionate approach, ensuring a holistic experience during critical times.

Are there any specific qualifications or certifications that EMS holds?

We maintain all required certifications, adhering to industry standards and regulations for medical transport services. Our team consists of certified medical professionals and adheres to strict protocols to ensure the highest quality of care and safety.

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How can I initiate the process of arranging medical transport with EMS?

You can initiate the process by contacting our dedicated team, available 24/7. We'll guide you through the necessary steps, understanding your specific requirements to facilitate the most suitable transport solution for your situation.

How does EMS ensure confidentiality and privacy during the transport process?

Confidentiality and privacy are integral to our services. We uphold strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that all patient information remains secure and only accessible to authorized individuals directly involved in the transport and care process.

What support does EMS offer to families of patients during the transport process?

We understand the importance of family support. Our team provides constant communication and guidance to the families, keeping them informed about the patient's status and ensuring their involvement in the care process. We offer emotional support and assistance to families throughout the journey.


Will my insurance cover the cost of the repatriation?

Insurance companies’ cover varies from case to case and also depends on the insurance policy. In some cases the repatriation can be compensated. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time. That’s why we advise you to contact an insurance company directly when you want to do a repatriation. It’s possible that you will have to wait a very long time before you will receive an answer from your insurance, and that nothing will be insured. It is very important to be aware of a long waiting time, as valuable time for the patient may be lost.

How are the costs of medical transport services determined by EMS?

Our pricing is based on various factors such as the type of service required, distance of travel, medical equipment needed, and the level of medical care necessary for the patient.

Can EMS provide a cost estimate or quotation for the required transport service?

Absolutely. Upon initial consultation and assessment of the transport requirements, we provide detailed cost estimates or quotations. This breakdown includes all relevant expenses, ensuring transparency in pricing for our clients.

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When do you need the payment?

We only work with 100% prepayment. Once we have received the payment, we will get to work on your or a loved one’s repatriation.

Are there different payment options available for individuals seeking medical transport services?

We offer flexible payment options tailored to accommodate individual needs. These may include direct payments, insurance billing, assistance with claim processing, or exploring financing options to ease the financial burden associated with medical transport.

How does EMS ensure billing accuracy and transparency in financial transactions related to medical transport?

We maintain stringent billing practices, ensuring accuracy and transparency in all financial transactions. Our team diligently reviews and verifies all charges, providing detailed invoices and statements for our clients' reference and peace of mind.

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