Medium-care air ambulance transports – now by premium private jet

When it comes to cross-border medical transports, some patients need to travel under emergency conditions, with ICU-level support between hospitals. EMS offers medical transport by intensive-care air ambulance – a fast-track service on a specially-adapted private jet – for just those situations. Many other patients, however, are heading abroad for quite different reasons – longer-term treatment for strokes, heart conditions and cancers, for example, or for medical tourism. For these patients, travelling in comfort and with loved ones is a higher priority, but with the security and backup of a highly-experienced medical team to look after them during the journey. That’s why EMS is delighted to announce a new transport partnership with NetJets, one of the world’s leading suppliers of luxury private jets for international travel.

Medium care air ambulance

Medium-care medical support – with all the benefits of a premium private jet

Our standard Air Ambulance transports now offer advanced, bed-to-bed medical support on one of 760+ specially-chartered aircraft stationed across the world. The service is designed for anyone who needs to fly with medical assistance up to medium-care level – the stage between general hospital ward and intensive care.

Once a customer contacts us and we’ve confirmed their patient is fit to fly, EMS identifies the next available jet for the route and dispatches a doctor, paramedic, or team of medics, to collect them. On arrival at the local airport, the team creates a tailored treatment zone within the cabin area so your patient can be monitored and supported during the flight.

The new service comes with a wide-ranging package of benefits for patients and families:

High-quality inflight medical support

The bespoke patient area has space for a stretcher bed, plus all the medications and equipment necessary for the journey. This can include IV drips, heart monitors and concentrated oxygen – everything up to medium-care level.

Fly with family members

Unlike an emergency air ambulance, private jets have much more space for fellow travellers. Depending on the aircraft, EMS customers can bring up to 8 passengers with them on the trip alongside the patient and our on-board medical personnel.

Travel in comfort

The planes are fitted with all the facilities you would expect from a premium international jet service. This includes inflight dining with seasonal menus, on-demand entertainment and WIFI, and extra space for luggage. It’s even possible to provide satellite phones and private rooms if required.

Go short or long-haul, within 24 hours

With a fleet that operates from 5,000+ airports and over 200 countries, the potential routes are almost limitless. There are seven possible aircraft types, available for both short and long-distance flights, and we can collect most patients within 24 hours of their booking – wherever they are in the world.

What is NetJets?

NetJets is one of the world’s leading private jet charter and aircraft management companies. Originally founded in the 1960s by three World War II veterans, the firm is now part of Berkshire Hathaway. With a fleet of over 760 private jets – all owned by and maintained by NetJets – the company operates worldwide and flies more than 400,000 passengers across the globe every year. The 600+ pilots and cabin crew fly exclusively for NetJets, and each pilot holds an EASA-type (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) rating for a specific aircraft, which is the only jet they fly.

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