5 reasons to choose EMS for your medical transport

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5 reasons to choose EMS for your medical transport

Looking into medical repatriation for a loved one? If so, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of international ambulance companies out there.

As in, a lot.

Unfortunately, this only adds to the complexity of finding the right service for your patient and making a booking – especially if you need to move quickly, as many people do.

How do you know if you’re choosing the right company? How can you be sure they’ll keep your patient safe and comfortable on the journey home – and be there for you when you have questions? Here are five key things we do here at EMS to reassure customers about our service.

Handle everything

Perhaps the number one question you can ask of any repatriation company is: how much of the journey will you cover? As in, is it just the flights? Or the flights and connections and other bookings? We make a clear pledge to customers – we’ll take care of everything. That means going fully “bed-to-bed”, with everything in between: route plan, vehicles, connections, travel documents, luggage, meals, equipment, securing the destination bed... We even liaise with the local and foreign doctors on your behalf.

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Ensure quality

Whoever you choose for your transport should be able to prove they can deliver the highest possible standards for the service. EMS does that in a few different ways. We hold the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for quality management, with a rigorous health and safety regime and a dedicated Quality Manager who personally deals with patients. We also make customer feedback a key part of our systems and improvements. You can read what past customers are saying about us on our independent Google Review page.

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Provide expertise

Your patient’s safety is the number one priority for the transport. Nothing else comes close. EMS has a wide-ranging medical team that includes international doctors, paramedics and nurses, aeromedical specialists and a 24/7 Doctor-on-Call for emergency backup. They’ll make sure your patient has the right support in place, which can go all the way up to in-flight intensive care on a dedicated high-care air ambulance if necessary.

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Deliver on cost

As any reputable company will tell you, medical repatriation isn’t cheap. But it should be delivering the highest possible value back to the customer. We deliver medical transports in 3 main ways: by air ambulance, long-distance road ambulance and medical escort. We’ll work with you to decide which option would best fit your budget. We also make our prices all-inclusive. That means no added extras or nasty surprises after you’ve signed up. What you see is what you get.

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Move quickly

Some transports need to happen ASAP – accidents abroad, for example. Others can move at a pace that fits your family and patient’s needs and schedules. Either way, your repatriation company should be quick to respond and ready to go when you need them. We have a team of specialists on standby in four time zones: you can call them any time of day or night and get talking right away. We’ll send you a price estimate within 60 minutes, and we can be by your patient’s bedside within hours in some cases. We’ll be on hand to update and reassure you through the whole journey – and indeed afterwards, too.

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How do I book a medical repatriation?

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