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Repatriation Services

When a loved one falls ill abroad, has an accident, or finds themselves in a high-risk area, it can be a complex situation, compounded by distance, different medical systems, and the need for specialized medical care during the return journey. This is where our expertise in medical repatriation comes into play, ensuring a smooth and secure journey back home.Our years of experience in repatriation services enable us to provide you with the best assistance. EMS provides the best guidance tailored to your transportation needs and our team will assist you in selecting the safest and most efficient transportation method.We are ready to bring your loved one back.

About EMS

At EMS, we are more than just a company; we are a team of dedicated professionals with a deep commitment to provide world-class medical care. Our mission is clear: to deliver the highest quality (air) ambulance and medical repatriation services while emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy during times of crisis. Our Promise: The health and safety of our patients is our primary concern at EMS. We pledge to make every patient a priority, every journey a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality care, and every mission a demonstration of our dedication.

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This is how repatriation works

Repatriation is usually not something that you need (to arrange) more than once in a lifetime, if any time. This process requires expert guidance and thorough planning. EMS does this worldwide, both over the road and through the air, ensuring your loved one receives the most appropriate care during repatriation. These are the four steps in this process.

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Are there any specific qualifications or certifications that EMS holds?

We maintain all required certifications, adhering to industry standards and regulations for medical transport services. Our team consists of certified medical professionals and adheres to strict protocols to ensure the highest quality of care and safety.

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What is repatriation by Road Ambulance?

Repatriation by Road Ambulance refers to the process of transporting a patient over long distances using specially equipped ambulances designed for extended journeys. This method is considered one of the safest, most convenient, and comfortable ways for patients to travel. When air transportation is not feasible and you want a method that is practical for shorter distances EMS can help you with repatriation by Road Ambulance.

What kind of medical care is available in the Road Ambulances?

Our Road Ambulances are equipped with ICU facilities and modern medical equipment, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care during land transfers. The vehicles are staffed with trained medical professionals to attend to the patient's needs.

Can Road Ambulances accommodate patients with critical conditions?

Yes, our Road Ambulances are designed to transport patients with various medical conditions, including those requiring critical care. They ensure a safe and comfortable transfer to the designated medical facility.

How are Road Ambulance services coordinated with air or Medical Escort services?

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service includes seamless coordination between Road Ambulance services and other modes of transport, ensuring a smooth transition from the patient's current location to the departure point for Air Ambulance or Medical Escort transport.

What measures are in place to ensure patient comfort during Road Ambulance transport?

Patient comfort is a priority in our Road Ambulances. We utilize specialized equipment and protocols to ensure patients are positioned comfortably, minimizing discomfort during transit, especially over long distances.

How are medical emergencies managed during ground transportation?

Our Road Ambulance teams consist of highly trained medical professionals capable of handling medical emergencies during transit. They are equipped to provide immediate medical care and stabilize the patient while enroute to the designated medical facility.

What is repatriation by Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulance repatriation involves the use of specially equipped aircraft with medical facilities and personnel to transport individuals, often patients with critical medical conditions, from one country to another.It is commonly employed when traditional commercial flights are medically unsuitable due to the patient's condition, and swift transportation is essential.

What types of aircraft do you offer for Air Ambulance services?

We provide a range of aircraft, including specially equipped jets designed for medical transport. Each aircraft is tailored to accommodate various medical needs and distances, ensuring safe and efficient travel.

How quickly can an Air Ambulance be dispatched in an emergency?

Our global network allows us to swiftly dispatch an Air Ambulance within a short timeframe. We prioritize emergency cases, ensuring immediate response and assistance.

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