How EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation has adapted to COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken up the entire world. It has had an impact on all aspects of our daily lives, and there are very little businesses that have not had to change their way of doing things because of the pandemic.

EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation repatriation services first saw a decrease of repatriation requests in March, but soon after saw an upswing in transports after the peak. We reason that in uncertain times, people chose safety over uncertainty, and therefore prefer not to wait until it is too late to repatriate.

EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation still takes on all non-COVID-19 cases!

The first thing to take note of is that EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation is ready to take on all non-COVID related transports just like we always did, but just with some extra precautions. Concerning transport with a medical escort, new regulations dictate the use of a COVID test before boarding an aeroplane, and possible quarantine guidelines differing per country. EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation will fully inform the patient of all the rules regarding their repatriation.

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EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation is ready for all COVID-19 cases!

The second thing we would like to make clear is that EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation is 100% prepared for all COVID-19 transports. We have adapted to all the new requirements when transporting COVID-19 patients, have access to the most advanced and well-researched methods of transportation and comply with the latest international standards regarding new COVID-19 procedures.

EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation provides safe transport of patients who are merely COVID positive, or patients who are seriously ill with COVID-19. Some cases might, for instance, require the use of a so-called EpiShuttle or respirators or other equipment depending on the patient and the situation.

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Private Air Ambulance

Concerning COVID-19, our preferred method of repatriation is a private Air Ambulance. Transporting a patient in an Air Ambulance means a very low risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 because of the very high level of privacy and a low number of people aboard the aircraft, so transmission risk is minimal. It is also the method of transportation with the highest possible level of care available and is for those reasons the safest by far.


If you think medical repatriation is the right idea for you, please contact us– even if it’s just to talk through your situation and explore options. We are here to help.

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