What is repatriation through Medical Escort?

One of the best methods used in medical repatriation is transporting the patient on a regular commercial flight, along with one of our highly trained and experienced doctors or paramedics. This is called Medical Escort. Beforehand, the patient will be extensively examined by our doctor or paramedic before he or she is deemed fit-to-fly (In some extreme cases, an Air Ambulance will be necessary). After this, the patient is transported from their starting location directly via the tarmac into the airplane and will not be subjected to long waiting times or administrative hold-up. Our logistics team will take care of everything beforehand so that we can ensure that the patient travels as fast and as safe as possible. After the flight lands, the patient is transported with a Road Ambulance to their final destination. We offer a complete bed-to-bed service!

What is repatriation through Medical Escort

We fly with many of the biggest names in commercial aviation today, such as but not limited to British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, United Emirates, Qatar Airways & more.

Are there limits to what can be achieved through medical escort?

Perhaps surprisingly to some, but almost all missions can be accomplished using this method. There are a very small number of situations that our team has not dealt with in the past - just when you are sure your situation is too difficult for us, we will probably surprise you with the news that we can do it!

This has to do with the fact that, while the industry as a whole has made massive improvements, our doctors are among some of the most experienced out there. They know exactly what kind of equipment they need to take with them to handle even the most complex situations. This is made possible partly because of the knowledge and support that they receive from the EMS headquarters. Our entire team has a mindset which enables us to complete missions which others will forgo, while at the same time having safety as our number one top priority.

Speed, comfort, and efficiency

Compared to a road ambulance, this option is both quicker and more comfortable. A lot quicker. For long-distance repatriations, this is a massive advantage. It is also less risky because the speed of commercial flight leads to there being a shorter period where the patient is not near a hospital. Compared to a private ambulance, a medical escort is less expensive - while the patient can still enjoy luxury and spaciousness in business class.


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