How much does an air ambulance cost?

When someone is critically injured or falls seriously ill while they are abroad, a dedicated medical transport is sometimes the only way to get them back home. Specially equipped road ambulances can cover thousands of miles and keep the patient safe and comfortable, but sometimes the distance is such that a private air ambulance is needed – think of intercontinental repatriations. But how much does such a repatriation by air ambulance cost?

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Air ambulance: what’s involved?

When people realise that they need a private air ambulance to bring a loved one back home, pricing becomes a key concern – especially when their insurance company is not cooperating and they have to cover the air ambulance costs themselves.

Having carried out hundreds of repatriations over the years, the EMS team knows that no two patient transports are the same. The requirements of any particular repatriation can range dramatically. That’s why all our quotes have to be case-specific, as they take into account:

Transport by air ambulance

Is it a repatriation by road ambulance, or an air ambulance repatriation? Are airport transfers required, or a ferry crossing? EMS recently repatriated a man from Gozo, Malta to the UK. His condition required a private air ambulance, but the plane could not land on Gozo. The team had to bring him to the airport on Malta from the hospital on Gozo by road ambulance, crossing the strait by ferry.

Time and distance

We estimate the time it will take our team to travel to the patient, perform their assessments, prepare the patient for the journey, make all the necessary arrangements and get them back safely. We take into account the distance to be covered from the patient’s current location to their preferred destination, and what that will mean in terms of transportation, fuel and travel requirements. The distance also dictates the number of flight crew required to ensure safe non-stop travel.

Medical staff and crew

The patient’s condition will determine the size of the medical team we send, and the relevant qualifications required. (This determines what day rates are applicable.) If a handover is required – for example, when the plane arrives at the destination airport and the patient is taken to the hospital by road ambulance – we arrange for a ground crew to meet the patient.


Medical repatriations are rarely planned far in advance and often require a quick turn around. This can have an effect on pricing as same-day departures and other last minute bookings can sometimes carry additional charges.

The patient’s condition

The patient’s condition determines their needs. In addition to medical care from staff, what medicine does the patient require? What treatments need to be carried out? Do they require oxygen? All of this plays a role.

A fixed price

In order to get a good idea of what your repatriation fee will be, and to help you think through your options, it is best to click on the button at the top right corner of the page and fill out our free quote request form. That way we will be able to give you a fixed quote and you will have accurate information to base your decisions on.

All our quotes are fixed prices – there will be no surprises – and are entirely free of obligation. Unless otherwise stated, they cover the entire repatriation process, including, if applicable, airport transfers, ferry crossing, toll fees, food and drink, medicine and care.

We always aim to reply to a quote request within one hour. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email, phone or chat. We are here to help.

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