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G.L. (Gerrit Leonard) Vrieze

The CEO of EMS, Gerrit Leonard Vrieze, is renowned for his solution-focused and pragmatic approach. No matter the complexity of a situation, he invariably finds a path to surmount the challenges he encounters. With a synthesis of profound knowledge and hands-on tactics, he tackles each medical repatriation mission with resolve and empathy. His adeptness at swift action and devising fitting solutions has repeatedly culminated in triumphs. His devotion to exceptional care and the safety of patients cements his esteemed standing in the field.

Gerrit Leonard Vrieze

Medical Manager

Dr. M. (Melanie) Gutteling

Dr. Melanie Gutteling, Medical Manager at EMS, stands out in the medical profession with her dual expertise as a pulmonologist and intensivist. She is renowned for her meticulousness and unwavering dedication to patient care, overseeing each transport to guarantee top-quality care and safety. Her blend of medical knowledge, leadership, and compassion constitutes a vital asset to her team and a source of steadfast support for patients and their families.

Registered at Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport: 19914880901

Dr Gutteling

Deputy Medical Manager

Prof. Dr. A.B. (Arie) van Vugt, MD PhD

Professor Dr. Arie van Vugt, the Deputy Medical Manager at EMS, is a prominent figure in the medical community with a rich background as a trauma surgeon. His experience with the defense forces has given him unique insights and skills, which are essential in the dynamic and demanding world of medical repatriation. Arie is known for his exceptional clinical skills, his ability to act quickly and effectively in critical situations, and his leadership qualities. His dedication to improving patient care and his contribution to the development of medical practices make him an indispensable force on the team and an inspiration to his colleagues. In addition, he is an expert quality auditor who is deeply involved in maintaining and enhancing our ISO 9001:2015 certification from TÜV, ensuring consistent quality and reliability of our services.

Registered at Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport: 69024735501

Prof Dr Van Vugt

Financial Manager

H.W. (Henk) Hartemink

Henk Hartemink, the Financial Manager at EMS, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial health and stability of the organization. With years of experience in executive roles at major banks and insurance companies, Henk brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in financial management. His recent affinity for healthcare has given him a unique perspective, blending his financial acumen with a passion for improving health services. His strategic insights and ability to navigate complex financial issues make him an indispensable force within the team, contributing to the ongoing growth and success of EMS.

H W Henk Hartemink

Liaison Consultant

R.R. (Robert) de Vries

Robert de Vries, with an impressive career at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has worked across the globe, holding various senior positions at Dutch embassies and consulates. His extensive experience in consular affairs, especially in challenging situations, speaks to his exceptional diplomatic skills and problem-solving abilities. Robert has a unique insight into international relations and crisis management, often being called upon for complex and sensitive issues. His ability to effectively navigate through diverse cultural and political landscapes has earned him a respected position in the international community. Robert's leadership, coupled with his deep understanding of global dynamics, makes him a valuable asset in any role he undertakes.

R R Robert de Vries

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Gerrit Leonard Vrieze

Gerrit Leonard Vrieze

Repatriation Consultant

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